Fantastic Home Inspector

DH, Brunswick, Maine

DeWitt Kimball is a fantastic house inspector - reliable, thorough, and knowledgeable. We have recommended him to many friends and colleagues, all of whom have thanked us profusely. DeWitt is particularly good for first-time home buyers, like ourselves. He puts interests of his clients first, and happily explains what he is doing at every step. We particularly appreciated the detailed reports he gave -- both informally, during the inspection and in his official assessment. He did not simply tell us whether something was good or bad, but instead took the time to carefully explain the precise situation -- and our various options -- with each potential repair or problem. His honesty and obvious expertise led us away from a couple of houses that we might have otherwise purchased, and we are currently very happy with the house we did buy. There have been no surprises with this house, and several minor repairs that he advised we undertake have unfolded without being more involved or expensive than he led us to believe. We feel very lucky to have found DeWitt, and recommend him wholeheartedly.