Patience & Good Humor

KT, Brunswick, ME

DeWitt Kimball was enthusiastically recommended to us by a number of friends and colleagues, and he more than lived up to the high praise!

We first contacted him by email over a weekend, and we were pleasantly surprised when he replied promptly even after work hours.  During the home inspection, DeWitt impressed us with not only his professional knowledge and efficiency but also the attentiveness and meticulous care with which he examined the house.  He would explain particular features of the home, i.e., its roof material, its heating system, its basement drainage etc., and also make recommendations for home maintenance and improvement.  His patience and good humor in answering all our questions went a long way toward making us feel more comfortable as first-time homeowners.   Also memorable was his high-tech equipment: he had ready at hand infrared cameras and radon test kits, and even our real estate agent was impressed with his qualifications to conduct on-site testing.  After the inspection, DeWitt continued to respond to our needs, and during one particularly tricky point of the closing period, he was extremely helpful in supplying explanatory letters about the house and neighborhood conditions to bank appraisers.

Throughout our dealings with DeWitt, we felt he always worked for our best interests and not just the sale of the house.  We have already recommended him to other friends and will definitely continue to do so!