C.B. Brunswick
I purchased my first investment property about a year ago and learned, to my dismay, that the building I purchased was highly inefficient in its use of energy.  Hiring DeWitt to perform an energy audit on my building was the smartest move I made to correct the problem. He not only identified the root of the problem he recommended insulators who were true professionals. When the insulators were finished, DeWitt re-tested my building to ensure that the work was done properly and that my building would be more efficient. He was patient (especially with a newbie), extremely knowledgeable and customer oriented. I wish I had asked DeWitt to inspect… (read more)
Energy Audit Clients
View a video of homeowners discussing projects that all resulted from an energy audit by DeWitt. All of these homes efficiency projects were designed by DeWItt after a thorough energy audit.
CH, Buxton, Maine
During my search for a home, I had two other houses under contract, which at the time I was investigating them seemed to have great potential. Dewitt Kimball ran through his battery of tests to reveal the pros and cons of  each. After weighing these out I thankfully walked away from them. The first would have been a financial sinkhole and the second while in better shape had foundation issues that would have been difficult to solve. Dewitt was very direct with his evaluation and opinions throughout this process. When he came to inspect the third house we both agreed this was… (read more)
DH, Brunswick, Maine
DeWitt Kimball is a fantastic house inspector - reliable, thorough, and knowledgeable. We have recommended him to many friends and colleagues, all of whom have thanked us profusely. DeWitt is particularly good for first-time home buyers, like ourselves. He puts interests of his clients first, and happily explains what he is doing at every step. We particularly appreciated the detailed reports he gave -- both informally, during the inspection and in his official assessment. He did not simply tell us whether something was good or bad, but instead took the time to carefully explain the precise situation -- and our various options -- with each potential repair or problem.… (read more)
KT, Brunswick, ME
DeWitt Kimball was enthusiastically recommended to us by a number of friends and colleagues, and he more than lived up to the high praise! We first contacted him by email over a weekend, and we were pleasantly surprised when he replied promptly even after work hours.  During the home inspection, DeWitt impressed us with not only his professional knowledge and efficiency but also the attentiveness and meticulous care with which he examined the house.  He would explain particular features of the home, i.e., its roof material, its heating system, its basement drainage etc., and also make recommendations for home maintenance and improvement.  His patience and good humor in answering all our questions went a long way… (read more)
K.F. Lewiston, Maine
I was extremely impressed with the energy audit work DeWitt completed for me.  We did a total of four houses.  From the initial meeting on each house through the completion of the energy efficiency recommendations, DeWitt was 100% involved.  I probably drove him crazy with all my questions over a period of several months but he always took the time to thoroughly resolve any concerns I had.  He helped to insure that I received the greatest rebate possible.   Not only does DeWitt incorporate the latest technology in his work, he has an obvious passion for the work.  Add to that his knowledge of Efficiency Maine process and procedure and the completion of all the necessary paperwork and you are sure to get the… (read more)
Andres L., Brunswick, ME
DeWitt has an amicable and easy demeanor that makes all business with him a pleasure. He showed a genuine concern and interest in us and our home improvement project by going well beyond his duties and acting as an advisor and supervisor; he is someone willing to consider all solutions and answer all questions regardless of how ridiculous they may seem. Our house is a difficult puzzle to solve and our circumstances are always complicated, but DeWitt demonstrated professionalism, creativity, and boundless patience. Without him we never would have navigated the enigmas of our own home, not to mention those of state and federal rebates, tax credits, and incentive… (read more)