Questions to Ask a Potential Energy Auditor

There are many types of energy audits you can get. I recommend an independent audit company that does not have the conflict of interest associated with selling weatherization products. If you want a high-quality, complete energy evaluation, be sure to ask the following questions prior to choosing an audit company:

  • Will you financially gain from your weatherization recommendations?
  • Is the purpose of your audit to sell me installation services?
  • Do you make an actual model of my house? Does it include the precise measurements of the wall surface area, volume, window size-type-and orientation, area measurements of the sloped ceilings as well as the flat ceilings?
  • Do you calculate the ASHRAE national healthy fresh air ventilation rate required for healthy homes for homes you audit?
  • Do you do a combustion safety test before and after the work is done?
  • Can you provide me with a before and after air leakage data to show the improvement in air sealing?
  • Do you scientifically determine if my home is ventilated correctly?
  • Do you recommend a wide range of products for the efficiency upgrade?
  • Do you have advanced training in energy work such as HERS or LEED?
  • Where can I see a sample energy efficiency report?
  • Do you use my home’s climate information when evaluating my efficiency recommendations?

Hiring an inexperienced auditor that uses imprecise data collection techniques will result in inaccurate results that can be costly in the long run. Contact DeWitt to schedule your professional, informative, and accurate energy audit.