DeWitt  (“Dee”) Clark Kimball passed away on December 6, 2016 from complications of esophageal cancer.  He was a spicy, contrarian character with a deep heart who made his mark on the world in many ways.  

Born on November 16, 1958 in Lubbock, TX, DeWitt had a special bond with his mother, Margaret "Monnie" DeWitt.  His mom helped cultivate his passion for plants, flowers and gardening.  Evidence of this can be enjoyed at Mitchell Field in Harpswell, where Dee scattered lupine seeds against the will of the town.  The flower field thrives every spring.

DeWitt holds a degree in Human Ecology from College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor and a Masters degree in Education from St. Joseph College in Hartford, Connecticut.  For most of his career, DeWitt centered his life around teaching, the building profession, and the ecological study of home design.  Dee’s education informed his work:  making a connection between humans and their impact on the environment, and vice versa*. 

With his business, Complete Home Evaluation Services, DeWitt was Maine’s leading independent energy auditor. Over the course of his life, he diagnosed and recommended fixes to hundreds of Maine homes and buildings for efficiency, health, safety and durability. He was a passionate advocate for what he called the “no sales pitch audit” in which the energy auditor has no financial stake in the outcome of his recommendations. While driven by the urgency of climate change, Dee was a building scientist first and foremost, and was on the cutting edge of many emerging issues in homes: mechanical ventilation, indoor air quality and the use of high efficiency equipment. He was a strong voice for bettering the state’s energy efficiency programs, and a frequent thorn in the side of Efficiency Maine.

DeWitt also spent 16 years as a teacher and was awarded the prestigious “Who’s Who of American Teachers” award. His dedication to teaching included a three-year stint in Arctic Village, an unincorporated Native American village above the arctic circle in Alaska.  Dee was one of few outsiders with the personality and fortitude to be accepted into this native community and make a positive impact on its students.

During DeWitt’s illness, he was cared for by a circle of devoted friends and an outstanding medical team.  In particular, Dr. Ian Bier from Human Nature Natural Health, should be credited for extraordinary care and treatment.  His conviction for an alternative approach to fighting cancer, combined with Dee’s steadfast will, added nearly two years to his initial prognosis. A special thanks also goes to the wonderful, warm people at the Gosnell Memorial Hospice House for creating a true sense of peace for DeWitt in his final days.

In addition to his friends and family, DeWitt is survived by Halley, a Hurricane Katrina rescue dog.  Halley has been adopted and is now enjoying a dog brother.

*In lieu of flowers, please make donations in his name to to help combat the effects of climate change and antagonize the President-elect. Dee would have loved that.