Remove Efficiency Maines Contractor Job Completion Count

After speaking with many contractors and others about the issue of how jobs are counted on the efficiency Maine website I have altered my stance on the counting issue. It dawned on me that none of the other organizations related to my business that I am part of, including my HERS  work, LEED work, home inspections, mold inspections, and air and water testing has a scoreboard for how many jobs a company has done. I actually don’t know of another organization outside of the efficiency realm that lists the number of jobs that is completed by its members. 

Efficiency Main has repeatedly said that they do not want to shape the market for contractors and have made great efforts in trying “let the market shape itself.” To let the market work properly the counting of jobs completed by individual contractors should be removed from the search list. The Efficiency Maine website should provide homeowners information that includes the companies that service their area and what services the listed companies provide. The homeowner can then shop for the company that they want to use by calling them for more information or viewing the company’s website. 

 The listing count has been a source of great discord within the industry. Jobs completed did not count how many audits the audit only companies provided. It only listed the audits that resulted in completed installation work. This left independent auditors work not counted until a home had installation work done. Companies that were not listed at the top felt that they were taken out of the hunt for contractors by homeowners. 

The number of jobs completed for the program should be front and center on the efficiency Maine website in the promotion of Efficiency Maine. The site should serve as a resource for displaying companies in the state that are in the efficiency industry. It should not display a listing method that ends up being a market driver for individual companies. 

It seems counterintuitive that I would be pushing to have a policy change that may cost my company work. Complete Home Evaluation Services has been the number one company on the list for the last few years. The vast majority of my clients called me because CHES was at the top of the list. At this moment, due to a change in counting methods, the numbers show me at the bottom, but with my unrecorded jobs completed I will soon occupy the top ranking again. However, this does not make the listing method appropriate in my mind. 

The purpose for Efficiency Maine should be to promote efficiency work and it should not have any influence on how companies are selected for jobs. The bottom line is that a jobs completed count can’t exist without it shaping the market. Keeping the jobs completed count may be great for my business but it is not fair for other companies that are out there. It is time for a change.


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