Why You Save by Hiring an Independent Energy Audit Company Prior to Doing Any Efficiency Upgrades

There are two methods of handling efficiency improvements in your home. One is the "One Stop Shopping" of "Stand Alone" method. With this method one company does the initial audit, writes the recommendation report, does the work and then does the quality test out.

The other method is the “Independent Audit” approach. With this method an independent audit firm does the initial audit, writes the recommendation report, helps the homeowner choose contractors, oversees the project, and then does the final quality control test out.

Complete Home Evaluation Services is an “independent", therefore a “conflict free” audit company. Our goal is to create a plan that is the most cost efficient efficiency improvement plan for the home owner and make sure that the job is done properly. We represent the homeowner throughout the process to insure that the work is done correctly. 

Since we have no financial gain with our recommendations we can suggest a wide range of upgrades, including ones that the owner can undertake. Generally, installation companies will recommend what they sell. If they don’t sell it they won’t recommend it.  Remember, our sole goal is to outline the most cost efficient strategies to making a home more efficient, not to profiteer from installation work.

The third party verification method is a cornerstone in meeting Maine’s new home energy efficiency requirements and for the LEED building certification. Homes that qualify for a LEED certification are recognized as some of the most efficient and sustainable homes that can be built. With both these programs the organizations have chosen to remove all possible conflict of interest situations and have truly accurate verification of the energy efficiency qualities of the homes.

There are many One Stop Shopping companies that offer great deals on audits if you hire them to do the work. These offers range from free audits to huge discounts on the audits. If the audits are discounted the company makes up for that loss by building it into the installation cost. Remember, there is no such thing as a free lunch,


Independent auditors are your

Independent auditors are your partners in any efficiency project. We will advise you of the most cost effective solutions for your efficency work.

Avoid all potential conflics

Avoid all potential conflics of interest and trust Complete Home Evaluation Services to provide you the most cost effective strategies in making your home more efficient.

You are misguided in your

You are misguided in your view of the "One Stop Shop" business model. There are honest, quality oriented businesses which conduct thorough, thoughtful, independent audits and recommend only improvements which make sense for the homeowner. It is possible to do both.

Anonymous, if you are the

Anonymous, if you are the same mystery writer as the one that made comments on the "Sales Pitch" blog, step forward, remove the mask, and let us all know who you are. Show pride in your business model and sign your name.

I'd rather let my growing

I'd rather let my growing business (model) speak for me. Good luck to you in the future. I applaud any auditor who is qualified, passionate, and honest in their assessments. That means those who work alone and those of us who have an installation crew on staff.


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