Multi-Family Energy Audits

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We have withdrawn from the Efficiency Maine Multifamily Efficiency Program. In our view, the program is not supporting real energy efficiency measures and we cannot, in good conscience, continue to participate. For multifamily building owners who want real ROI on energy efficiency measures, we continue to do independent, conflict-free large building analysis at market rates.

DeWitt Kimball of Complete Home Evaluation Services is one of the most experienced and trusted energy auditors and building inspectors in Maine. His expertise, experience, and equipment make him the most qualified energy auditor for even the most complicated multi-family properties. 

Why choose DeWitt Kimball for your Multi-Family Energy Audit?

DeWitt is plain and simple the most experienced, trusted, independent building expert in the state of Maine. Many multi-family properties require a level of expertise that the typical energy auditor may not be familiar with. When units are split up, all of them need to be individually tested -- DeWitt has tested properties that required up to 5 separate blower doors running simultaneously into a central control panel to provide a comprehensive reading. A qualified energy auditor needs to understand how all of the apartments communicate internally, where they share space, where the barriers are, and how each affects the next. In these situations, it's crucial to know how to test a given building. It takes not only technology, but the knowledge of how to use that technology effectively. It also takes experience, and DeWitt is the guy with experience.

How can a multi-family energy audit benefit your building(s)?

If you’re paying the heat for a multi-family building, you can end up saving a great deal of money on energy costs. If your tenants are paying for the heat, you can distinguish your property from the competitors' by offering a perk that you don't come across often here in New England: low energy bills. 

Many property owners are under the impression that throwing insulation at a building will solve the problem. Sadly, this is often not the case. Many buildings have lots of insulation but still have high energy bills, ice dams, drafts, and the multitude of other problems that accompany a poorly performing building. An energy audit, done properly (which includes depressurizing a building and taking a comprehensive reading, as well as duct leakage testing, infrared diagnostics and indoor air quality testing), can teach property owners a great deal, and save a great deal on overhead costs in the long term. 

Safe indoor environments

In multi-family buildings, it's important to understand how each of the units is operating -- individually, and collectively -- to affect the indoor air quality in each of the units. For example: are several bath fans being run in tandem contributing to pull carbon monixide into the living spaces, posing a potentially serious health hazard for tenants?

DeWitt Kimball's diagnostic expertise and "whole-house approach" to building energy audits and inspections ensures that no potential health hazards threaten the well-being of your tenants. 

It's important for property owners to know how their buildings are working. Complete Home Evaluation Services provides property owners with that peace of mind. 

Contact us for more information about how we can help you ensure a safer, healthier, more affordable living space for your tenants.