Infrared Photographic Analysis

CHES offers an Infrared Photographic Analysis service to help diagnose water leakage and energy loss inside your home. Also known as thermal imaging, this is a marvelous way to detect water leaks, insulation deficiencies, and rodent infestation prior to the problem getting worse. Thermal imaging services are included in all of our property evaluations.

Our state of the art Infrared Camera detects thermal differences which may otherwise go unnoticed. CHES analyzes these differences to determine areas of potential moisture retention and damage, energy loss, improper or insufficient insulation, improper electrical and plumbing hazards and this service can even help determine the efficiency of your heating system. Infrared thermal imaging is among the most sophisticated and comprehensive home diagnostic tools available today.

Click here to watch a short video of thermal imaging in action!

Infrared Energy Audit

CHES's infrared camera detects what the eye cannot see.

infrared image of insulation voids in wall
Insulation voids inside wall.

infrared image of under-insulated wall
Under insulated wall above kitchen cabinets.

infrared image of heat loss through ceiling
Picture of ceiling showing heat loss. Ice was found above in the attic.

image of ice found in attic
Picture of the ice that was found.