Indoor Air Quality Testing

Air Quality Check-Up

The simplest and most affordable indoor air quality analysis we offer, the one time on-site check-up allows us to quickly and efficiently analyze your home’s indoor air for signs of moisture that may lead to mold, the presence of airborne particulates which may be dander, mold or pollen, as well as the presence of carbon monoxide. Although not as complete as the comprehensive 4-day analysis, which provides an incredibly accurate and in-depth look at your home’s indoor air, the check-up is an affordable first step in analyzing the indoor air quality of your home. $150

Comprehensive "Air Advice" Indoor Air Analysis

A comprehensive Air Advice air quality test will help you prevent allergies, asthma, and carbon monoxide poisoning. The Air Advice test, which is a comprehensive 5-day test designed to identify any potential air quality issues within your home, is the most advanced and accurate air quality test available.

Going above and beyond the simple one time check-up, the comprehensive analysis allows us to analyze your home’s air over time, in order to ensure that results are accurate and that your home is a safe place for your family to live. Every 60 seconds the testing device records:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Particulates (dust)
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

This data is then used to diagnose the reasons for the air quality problems in a home. We've found this to be a critical procedure in many cases, as the "long term" nature of the test allows us to identify crucial issues that a one-time test may miss. (We may notice, for example, that carbon monoxide spikes when your family is cooking in the evening; or that VOC's reach an unsafe level in the morning when beauty products are being used without ventilation). $250*

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*If completed following any weatherization work recommended from a CHES energy audit, $150
** Combine the long-term test with mold testing, radon testing and/or formaldehyde testing and take 20% off

The Advantage of a Long Term Test

While a one-time assessment has great value, there is no substitute for testing your indoor air quality over a period of time. This allows us to gather information across the kinds of conditions in your home that typically change from day to day and hour to hour: when heating and cooling systems are operating, over different occupancy patterns, different types of weather, use of showers and laundry--all the things within your home that impact air quality.

ASHRAE Ventilation Testing

Complete Home Evaluation Services offers ASHRAE compliance testing. This scientific analysis of the ventilation rate of a home or building identifies whether the building complies with ASHRAE's standards for healthy air, ensuring that it's healthy and safe. $150

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