Home Inspections

Complete Home Evaluation Services (CHES) takes home inspections to a new level. Gone are the days of the visual walk through and the “looks pretty good” approach to inspecting homes. So often, the two most important and expensive components of a home, the insulation and heating system, are inspected without the appropriate technology and expertise. DeWitt is independent which means he works for you, not for brokers. With DeWitt you get the full story, not just the information that will steer you into a purchase. CHES is ASHI affiliated.

CHES owner, DeWitt Kimball, has licenses from the Oil and Solid Fuel Board and the Propane and Natural Gas Board of Maine which allow him to do efficiency tests of boilers and furnaces. DeWitt also does a complete ultrasonic test of the fuel oil storage tank to determine if it has any thin spots that are undetectable to the eye. He can tell his clients what the efficiency of the heating system is, and detect any problems prior to the home purchase. There is no guess work or post purchase surprises when CHES inspects your heating system.

DeWitt also uses an infrared thermal imaging camera to detect the quality of the insulation of the building, as well as find hidden water leaks, and electrical problems that are hidden in the walls. This camera allows DeWitt to see through the walls. Included in a CHES inspection is a free infrared thermal imaging photographic analysis. This is a $150.00 value.

In this energy conscious housing climate it only makes sense to have a home inspector that is Maine's number one energy analyst.

DeWitt is a licensed HERS rater which allows him to give Energy Star ratings to new and existing homes. DeWitt can answer all of your energy related questions. His background in building and extensive knowledge in home construction is very re-assuring for clients planning on buying an older home. He can explain the most cost effective renovation strategies and help prevent you from throwing money away. In essence, this is a free energy audit, typically valued at up to $250.

Is your dream house an energy hog?

If the otherwise perfect home you're thinking about buying is an energy hog that will cost you an arm and a leg to heat, wouldn't you like to know? Heating and cooling costs are typically the most expensive part of a operating a home. DeWitt Kimball of Complete Home Evaluation Services is a certified home energy auditor, and is uniquely positioned to give you an estimate of a home's projected energy consumption (and energy costs). This is a unique component of the CHES inspection that is included at no additional charge.

CHES Reports

CHES reports are in depth, extensive, and easy to understand. Our thorough Home Inspection Report will help you plan properly for renovations, and make objective and informed decisions about your biggest investment! Please review the sample report on this web site. With CHES you truly get a complete home evaluation.

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CHES's infrared camera detects what the eye cannot see.

insulation voids infrared image

Insulation voids inside walls.

infrared image: kitchen cabinets

Under insulated wall above kitchen cabinets.