Home Energy Audit Packages

Complete Home Evaluation Services offers three levels of independent, conflict-free energy audits for Maine homeowners*:

Comprehensive Energy Audit

This entry level audit is designed for homeowners who are interested in improving the efficiency of their homes and need an affordable evaluation resulting in a concise plan of improvements to follow. The onsite audit includes blower door testing, ASHRAE fresh air ventilation testing, the use of an infrared thermal imaging camera, a heating system efficiency testing, evaluation of the insulative qualities of the home, and an air quality safety test (more information below). Includes written report with a description of recommendations and referrals. The cost of this audit is $375.

Comprehensive Energy Audit + Post-Upgrade Air Evaluation

This energy audit package combines all aspects of the Comprehensive Energy Audit, plus fresh air testing based on ASHRAE standards. It’s an ideal audit for homeowners who want to see the effects of their efficiency upgrades, and for those who may be concerned about their indoor air quality. After air sealing and insulation upgrades, homes can sometimes have increased radon levels. This energy audit package ensures that your house is not only very energy efficient, but also that it has appropriate levels of fresh air for healthy, safe indoor air quality, and minimal radon levels. The cost of this audit is $475.


*Fresh Air Calculation

Included in all three audits is a fresh indoor air quality ventilation calculation. This calculation meets the ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers) national standards for calculating healthy air ventilation rates. The health risks of making a home too tight are quite serious; this important evaluation accurately calculates how much fresh air is needed to keep your home healthy and safe.