HERS Rating

HERS IndexComplete Home Evaluation Services offers HERS ratings by a certified HERS rater for existing homes and new homes. For a home to qualify for Energy Star or LEED certification, it must be analyzed by a certified HERS Rater.

What is a HERS Rating and Why Get One?

HERS (Home Energy Rating Systems) provide a standardized evaluation of a home's energy efficiency and expected energy costs.  A home energy rating can qualify a home owner or home buyer for an energy efficient mortgage (EEM) or an energy improvement mortgage (EIM).  An energy rating can maximize the value of the largest single investment most home owners are likely to make in their entire lifetime.

  • Want to get more home for less money?
  • Want to qualify for a more favorable home mortgage?
  • Want a higher quality, more comfortable home?
  • Want to reduce your impact on the environment?

HERS Ratings provide a relative energy use index called the HERS Index – a HERS Index of 100 represents the energy use of the “American Standard Building” and an Index of 0 (zero) indicates that the proposed building uses no net purchased energy (a Zero Energy Building).

New homes are analyzed in a 3 step process. The first is a rating based on the blueprints. In this first stage owners can make adjustments to the plans to reach the Energy Star rating. The second step is the rating of a home after the mechanical equipment, windows, doors, and insulation is installed but prior to the installation of the interior wall coverings. The third step is the use of a blower door to evaluate the air tightness of the building and the installed appliances. After these 3 steps are completed the home receives a rating.

Existing homes are rated based on the information that can be garnered by a thorough analysis of the property. This includes all appliances, windows, heating systems, and a blower door test to evaluate the air leakage of the building.

Pricing is determined by home size.