Energy Audits for DIYers

DIY air sealing caulking“I have lived all around the US in places as far reaching as above the Arctic Circle in Alaska, to the coast of Washington State, and my favorite place, Maine. What stands out with Mainers is that they are resourceful and want to do things themselves. I want to help them improve their home’s efficiency with the sweat of their own brows.”

DeWitt Kimball, Complete Home Evaluation Services Owner

Complete Home Evaluation Services fully supports Maine homeowners who want to do weatherization work on their own. We offer a unique energy audit and support service that is specifically designed for the Do It Yourself Enthusiast. We can test your home before, during and after air sealing and insulation work to assure quality and measure success. Our audit will help prioritize those measures that will have the greatest impact for the time you’ll invest in the project. We can also provide training on air sealing, installation of insulation and other measures. Packages typically include free unlimited phone/email. With a little hardiness (and some sweat), DIYers can undertake efficiency measures that produce significant energy savings and comfort improvements.

Unfortunately, DIY homeowners cannot take advantage of Efficiency Maine’s incentives, a policy we strongly disagree with and are hoping to change. DeWitt believes that if homeowners meet the standards of contractors, they should receive the rebates. Unfortunately, Efficiency Maine will not deliver the quality standards in place for weatherization work. Currently, the only way to get their rebates is to hire a contractor. Contractors generally charge close to 4X the amount that the insulation materials cost. With a rebate, however, a homeowner could pay for almost all of the insulation needed for a typical attic.

The Independent Energy Audit Difference

Complete Home Evaluation Services does not work for any contractors or brokers, and has no hidden agenda to make a profit off of energy upgrade suggestions. DeWitt has the client’s best interest in mind, and will offer the same level of service and suggestions even if you want to do the weatherization work and upgrades yourself.

Pricing for DIY support is tailored to your specific needs. We’ll work with you to put together a customized package that meets your needs.

Contact us or call 207-831-5634 to discuss our unique approach to energy audits for Do It Yourself Homeowners.