Efficiency Maine Multifamily Efficiency Program

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We have withdrawn from the Efficiency Maine Multifamily Efficiency Program. In our view, the program is not supporting real energy efficiency measures and we cannot, in good conscience, continue to participate. For multifamily building owners who want real ROI on energy efficiency measures, we continue to do independent, conflict-free large building analysis at market rates.

Efficiency Maine is now offering a Multifamily Efficiency Program that offers incentives for comprehensive energy efficiency upgrades for small to medium multifamily buildings. Building on the successful Home Energy Savings program, the program aims to help Mainers save money through energy efficiency improvements in apartment buildings.

Complete Home Evaluation Services was selected as a Program Partner and offers multifamily energy audits in accord with the Efficiency Maine Multi-Family Efficiency Program. During the multifamily energy audit, we will identify the most cost-effective energy saving building upgrades, the costs of which can be partially covered by incentives from Efficiency First.

Multifamily buildings with 5-20 units are eligible for participation in the Efficiency Maine Multifamily Efficiency Program. Multifamily building owners are eligible for incentives of up to $1,400 per apartment, or 50% of installed costs of the total project (whichever is less).

For more information about the Multifamily Efficiency Program from Efficiency Maine, or to get started, contact us today!