Quality Assurance Pledge

The potential for real energy savings is directly linked to the installation contractor’s ability to implement the final recommendations I have made. I have listed weatherization contractors who have agreed to my “Quality Assurance Pledge” and thus will hold off on the final payment until I have completed a satisfactory inspection. In order to expedite the payment process, I will, if given sufficient prior notification, be happy to schedule my close-out inspection on the final day of your project.

Insulation Contractors:

Upright Frameworks LLC 
Joshua Wojcik
PO Box 833, Wilton, Maine 04294
Phone: 207.749.9656

Northeast Spray Insulation
866-284-1602 Fax

Heating and Domestic Hot Water:
reVision Heat
Pat Coon ( or Peter Brown (
Phone: 207.221-5677