Independent Home Analysis: The CHES Difference

DeWitt Kimball of Complete Home Evaluation Services is Maine’s premier home analysis contractor. He is not your typical “All in One” or “One Stop Shop” contractor company. DeWitt is independent, meaning he does not artificially adjust his home improvement suggestions for the sake of financial gain. He does not work for installation contractors, mold remediation contractors, or real estate brokers, and has no hidden agenda to make a profit off of the suggestions in his reports. DeWitt uses the most advanced tools and reporting software to give you an extremely accurate and unbiased analysis of your home. His sole goal is to give his clients thorough, informative, and honest reports that help them make decisions about purchasing a home or upgrading an existing home to make it as efficient and healthy as possible.


What sets Complete Home Evaluation Services apart from other energy auditing businesses in the state?

DeWitt uses advanced energy modeling software to ensure quantifiable energy savings. As an audit-only company, CHES has no conflict of interest between homeowner and contractor, something inherent in the standard “One Stop Shop” contractor model. CHES calculates the fresh air ventilation requirements for each home (a practice that is not required by Efficiency Maine). This information is invaluable; without it, homes can be made too tight and can cause illness for residents.

What are the benefits of a third-party energy audit?

A “conflict free” energy audit by an independent, third-party energy auditor ensures that the auditor is not attempting to sell products or services that are not necessary in a particular home. An independent energy auditor acts as a trusted guide through what can be a complex energy retrofit process. DeWitt is always on the homeowner’s side, and has no financial gain when helping the homeowner choose which efficiency upgrades to undertake. He will  carefully and honestly explain to homeowners which efficiency upgrades they can make to save money.

What sets Complete Home Evaluation Services apart from other building inspection businesses in the state?

The majority of home inspectors and building inspectors work on behalf of a realtor. Consequently, they have a vested interest in selling a home, which presents a potential conflict of interest if there are problems with the building.  These inspectors are looking out for the best interests of the realtor for whom they work; for them, your best interests are secondary.

Complete Home Evaluation Services works first and foremost as an advocate of the home buyer or homeowner. DeWitt is fully responsible for the buyer’s interests, not a realtor’s. He will help you understand your home, and make sure you don’t have any surprises. CHES inspectors are also energy efficiency experts, and will perform an informal energy audit as part of the home inspection. That's the 3rd party difference, and that's the Complete Home Evaluation Services difference.

What is unique about DeWitt’s diagnostic software?

The standard energy modeling system relies on user inputs that are open to operator adjustment. DeWitt’s cutting edge software minimizes the risk of human error, going above and beyond simple figures to report on financial savings predictions that are easy to understand.

DeWitt’s home inspection reports go beyond the standard reporting style. He evaluates every component of the home and presents the results in an easy-to-understand report.  DeWitt is also licensed by the State of Maine to conduct accurate digital heating system analysis. This is far superior to relying solely on a visual inspection.

Why is it important to have a “test out” audit after energy retrofit work?

DeWitt believes that a follow-up energy audit after you make energy saving improvements is a necessary component of an effective energy retrofit. Efficiency Maine, after a year of email requests, has not produced any standards for insulation work, so a 3rd party test out is a very important quality assurance step. There is no other conflict free quality assurance method in Maine. DeWitt also conducts an in-depth safety test to make sure homes do not become unhealthy because they are too tight after work has been completed.

DeWitt only refers clients to weatherization contractors that have agreed to his “Quality Assurance Pledge,” which states that the contractors will not receive final payment until DeWitt signs off on their work. This makes quality work an incentive for contractors, and ensures that your projected savings become reality.