Comprehensive Energy Audit + Heat Loss Calculation

This upper-level audit package includes all of the information in the Comprehensive Energy Audit and Post-Upgrade Air Evaluation, as well as a quality of work assessment and heat loss calculation. This calculation comes from a set of sophisticated data, and can be used to size heating systems. The data allow for the creation of very specific energy efficiency upgrade information. CHES’s final report includes infrared images of the home, a set of efficiency concerns and solutions, a priority list of upgrades, educational information, and preferred products. Combustion safety testing, heating analysis, and a contractor referral list is also included. The cost of this audit is $650.

This Energy Audit is especially useful for homeowners who:

  • Are interested in home energy efficiency and want to save on their monthly utility bills

  • Have concerns about their home’s indoor air quality

  • Want to make sure their efficiency upgrades are functioning correctly

  • Are considering a new heating system, or are concerned about heat loss in their home

Fresh Air Calculation

The audit also includes the all important fresh air ventilation calculation based on the ASHRAE standards. (ASHRAE is the leading indoor air quality standard in North America). This test is critical for making sure that your house is not only very energy efficient, but also that it has the correct amount of fresh air for healthy indoor quality. The health risks of making a home too tight are serious. This important evaluation accurately calculates how much fresh air is needed to keep your home healthy.

Remember: Complete Home Evaluation Services does not sell any services beyond our consulting. We are an independent, third party auditor and will advise you on those measures that will most benefit the health, comfort, and energy savings of your Maine home.

View a sample energy audit report

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