Comprehensive Energy Audit

This entry-level energy audit is designed for Maine homeowners who are looking for an in-depth evaluation of the energy efficiency opportunities in their homes, and who need an affordable evaluation that includes an improvement plan. This on-site energy audit includes:

  • Blower Door Testing

  • Infrared Imaging of the Building’s Thermal Shell

  • Heating System Efficiency Testing

  • Insulation Evaluation

  • Combustion Safety Test

  • A Report including Priorities, Infrared Photographs, Description of Recommendations, and a List of Excellent Referrals

The cost of this audit is $375.


If the onsite work time is over 2.5 hours, the cost increases by $50/hour. There are similar reductions if the onsite time takes fewer than 1.5 hours. If the weather does not permit the infrared imaging there is a price reduction of $50.


This Comprehensive Energy Audit is particularly useful for homeowners who:

  • Plan to do some work on their own

  • Are wondering if their house is a candidate for energy savings

  • Are concerned about indoor air quality issues like mold, asthma and dust

  • Want to access funds from the Efficiency Maine rebate program


This Energy Audit is highly recommended for anyone considering:

  • Replacement windows: We can tell you if they'll result in real energy savings.

  • A new heating and cooling system: You may be able to save money with a smaller, more efficient system.

  • Additional insulation: We can guide your insulation contractor and test their work at the end of the job.

Fresh Air Calculation

The audit also includes the all important fresh air ventilation calculation based on the ASHRAE standards. (ASHRAE is the leading indoor air quality standard in North America). This test is critical for making sure that your house is not only very energy efficient, but also that it has the correct amount of fresh air for healthy indoor quality. The health risks of making a home too tight are serious. This evaluation accurately calculates how much fresh air is needed to keep your home healthy.

Remember: Complete Home Evaluation Services does not sell any services beyond our consulting. We are an independent, third party auditor and will advise you on those measures that will most benefit the health, comfort, and energy savings of your home.

View a sample energy audit report

View a sample building air leakage test