Commercial Energy Audits

A comprehensive energy audit of a commercial building can put your business on the path toward dramatically reduced operating costs, healthier indoor environments, greater building durability and resale value, and improved comfort for the building's occupants and visitors. 

Because commercial buildings are typically more complex than single-family homes, it's critical to hire a qualified energy auditor with the right experience, and the right tools, to get the job done right. 

Dewitt Kimball of Complete Home Evaluation Services has a degree of experience working with complex commercial buildings that's unparalleled among building professionals in Maine, and he's one of the foremost building experts in the entire region. Many buildings require several blower doors to run simultaneouly during an audit, complex modeling, and advanced infrared thermographic diagnostics and analyses that go beyond the simple point-and-click infrared analysis done by less experience energy auditors (and far beyond the simple walk-through audit that some utilities offer for free, and that many businesses offer "for free" as part of an extended sales pitch). 

We'd love to work with you to reduce your business's operating costs, and improve your building's energy performance, comfort, indoor air quality, and long-term health and durability. Contact us today for a free phone consultation.