Carbon Monoxide Testing

Complete Home Evaluation Services offers carbon monoxide testing for single family and multi-family residential, and light commercial and industrial buildings throughout Maine.

Carbon monoxide testing is a standard part of our comprehensive energy audit, and is also available as a stand-alone service for building owners who may not be interested in an energy audit but have concerns about the presence of carbon monoxide in a building.

What is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that is responsible for scores of deaths each year in the United States. Because it is undetectable without radon testing equipment, it is a silent killer that can cause a whole host of other health problems as well.

Carbon monoxide in homes typically comes from backdrafting or leaking combustion equipment such as furnaces, water heaters and stoves. During our comprehensive home energy audit, it is our standard practice to incorporate combustion safety testing into to the process in order to ensure that a home is not only energy efficient, but safe as well.

How Does it Work?

A combustion safety test with Complete Home Evaluation Services is a thorough evaluation of the health and safety of your home’s combustion equipment that provides more useful insights than a simple carbon monoxide detector. For example, we conduct a worst-case-scenario depressurization test, which predicts whether your combustion equipment will backdraft under extreme weather conditions.

For more information about carbon monoxide testing, combustion safety testing, and indoor air quality services from Complete Home Evaluation Services, feel free to contact us today.