About CHES

Trust your home’s health to the professionals at CHES!

Your home is one of the most important investments you can make and CHES will help you make the most of it with highly qualified, professional property evaluation services. We provide Maine home evaluations throughout the state. At CHES our broad range of competitively priced services are a great value for homeowners, sellers, realtors and building contractors who want to be fully informed about the strengths, weaknesses and potential of a property. In addition to performing thorough Maine property inspections we provide you with a clear analysis of the results and specific recommendations for making the most of your home. CHES is a trusted partner working on your behalf to maximize building performance, efficiency and health; we don't profit on any of the recommendations we make.

Building evaluation is a science and to offer you the best in home analysis CHES uses the most advanced training and the most sophisticated equipment on the market today.

This includes:
• infrared imaging cameras
• home heating efficiency testers
• CO detectors
• boroscopes for viewing inside walls & duct work
• blower door systems
• humidity testers for building materials & air samples
• mold air sampling pumps
• thorough knowledge of residential construction

About Owner DeWitt Kimball

Infrared Imagery during a Home Energy AuditDeWitt has centered his life around the building profession, teaching, and the study of the environment. DeWitt became fascinated with building and the ecological implications of home design while he was attending College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine. COA, as students referred to the college, was on the leading edge of making a connection between humans and their impact on the environment, and the impact of the environment on humans. Alternative energy and creative green building design were integral to the college program.

DeWitt has been involved in all phases of the construction business, from the design and construction of new homes to the complete renovation of existing older homes. He has building experience in Maine, Maryland, Connecticut, Washington State, and Northern Alaska. Each of these geographic areas holds their own environmental challenges in creating energy efficient and healthy homes. DeWitt holds a degree in Human Ecology from College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor and a Masters degree in Education from St. Joseph College in Hartford, Connecticut. His backgrounds in education, as well as his in depth expertise in construction and building, analysis combine to create a very pleasant and valuable customer experience.

Prior to starting Complete Home Evaluation Services, DeWitt worked as home builder focusing on older home renovations and improving energy efficiency. These renovations centered on making buildings more energy efficient and also the remediation necessary to combat the affects of environmental damage. He fully understands how buildings are put together and even more important, knows how to solve building problems without wasting money or time. Using his indispensable knowledge of building as a foundation he has become certified in a myriad of building related fields, including energy analysis and audits, home inspection, radon testing, mold inspection, and green building design. He knows buildings inside and out and is always updating his knowledge of the most current developments in the building sciences.

DeWitt also spent 16 years as a teacher and was awarded the prestigious “Who’s Who of American Teachers” award. He loves working with people and educating them about their homes. This is evident in his approach to helping clients understand their homes. He loves what he does.